Maui Invitational 2018 Predictions


Round 1

#9 Auburn (3-0) defeats Xavier (2-1): 86-72

#1 Duke (3-0) defeats San Diego State (2-0): 91-79

Iowa State (3-0) defeats Arizona (3-0): 74-70

#3 Gonzaga (3-0) defeats Illinois (1-1): 90-73

Round 2

#1 Duke (4-0) defeats #9 Auburn (4-0): 85-81

#3 Gonzaga (4-0) defeats Iowa State (4-0): 86-72

San Diego State (2-1) defeats Xavier (2-2): 78-71

Arizona (3-1) defeats Illinois (1-2): 72-65

Round 3

#3 Gonzaga (5-0) defeats #1 Duke (5-0): 84-80

#9 Auburn (4-1) defeats Iowa State (4-1): 92-77

San Diego State (3-1) defeats Arizona (4-1): 80-76

Xavier (2-3) defeats Illinois (1-3): 76-72


1st place: #3 Gonzaga (6-0)

2nd place: #1 Duke (5-1)

3rd place: #9 Auburn (5-1)

4th place: Iowa State (4-2)

5th place: San Diego State (4-1)

6th place: Arizona (4-2)

7th place: Xavier (3-3)

8th place: Illinois (1-4)



Why Hiring Faster Leads to Better Talent


Why Should You Consider Hiring Faster?

     1. Very best candidates = high demand

You will not miss out on top talent by moving fast.  Remember the very best candidates are in high demand and could be receiving multiple offers.  Move fast and get higher quality hires.

    2. Candidates will appreciate it!

If you are not making candidates continually return for interviews and wait for a response, they will appreciate it.  Respond quickly and differentiate yourself!

    3. Increased Acceptance Rates

If you reduce the time of the whole process, it gives candidates less time to reconsider or get poached by someone else.

    4. Hiring Managers love it

Needed talent is coming through the door much quicker and the whole process is more efficient.


Storify: PK80

Storify: PK80

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Listicle: How to celebrate a touchdown in the NFL

Listicle: How to celebrate a touchdown in the NFL

  1. Plan ahead


Philadelphia Eagles teammates obviously discussed this baseball home run celebration before the game.  They executed it perfectly!

2.  Be creative


Hide and Seek is very creative as a touchdown celebration, as I had never seen it before.  Great job by the Pittsburgh Steelers!

3.  Involve your teammates

Miami Dolphins teammates get together to watch their fellow receiver sink a putt in golf!

4.  Have fun

I couldn’t tell if that was Michael Phelps swimming or Tennessee Titans receiver Rishard Matthews.

5.  Celebrate

Have to take advantage of a snow game.  Classic snow angel!


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